Crystal Winter

rakia “Crystal Winter” RMCD03 2024.03.20 release
01. Fill In Snow feat. Khan
02. Shining Sea feat. Cana
03. Frozen Lake
04. Winter Shore feat. Khan
05. Crystal Winter
06. Floating Snow feat. Smany
07. Deep Ocean feat. Rishao
08. The Lighthouse
09. No End feat. Khan
10. Mere Shadow feat. KURO



rakia “Intuition” RMCD02 2023.08.02 release
01. Sky (acoustic version) feat. marucoporoporo
02. Desert Wind
03. Sound Me Out feat. 相馬絵梨子
04. Intuition
05. Sail On
06. Devotion (Interlude)
07. Moonlight Beauty
08. Time Spiral
09. Abyss feat. 五阿弥ルナ
10. Balinese Woman
11. When We Leave feat. age
12. Freezing Rain (album version) feat. Smany


 Into The Blue

rakia “Into The Blue” RMCD01 2021.11.03 release
01. Jam feat. Takara Araki
02. Misty Mind feat. age
03. Scenic View feat. Heidi
04. Missing You feat. Smany
05. Wind And Sea feat. Heidi
06. In My Heart feat. Smany
07. Moving On feat. 五阿弥ルナ
08. Eternal Sun feat. Heidi
09. Breaking Dawn feat. Smany
10. Into The Blue feat. 五阿弥ルナ


Trace Of A Dream

rakia “Trace Of A Dream” PFCD62 2019.3.13 release
01. Trace Of A Dream feat. marucoporoporo
02. Passage feat. Smany
03. Tears feat. Hiroe
04. Winter Flower feat. Smany
05. Dimples feat. Layla Tomomi Sakai
06. White Night feat. marucoporoporo
07. Moments feat. Layla Tomomi Sakai
08. Silence, Warm & Bright feat. Takara Araki
09. Sky feat. marucoporoporo
10. Children
11. Sea Of Stars feat. Smany
12. Alone feat. Smany
13. June